Advisor launches All purpose traffic sticker for Tourist Taxies

Advisor to governor Parwez Diwan

Advisor to Governor, Mr. Parvez Dewan Thursday launched the all purpose traffic sticker which would ensure that the all vital data related to the tourist Taxis is displayed for their smooth plying on various routes of the state.

 Secretary Transport, Mr. R.K. Bhagat, Transport Commissioner, Mr. Parvez Khateb, Special Secretary Transport, Mr. Itrat Rafique, representatives of various Taxi unions and tourist unions  were present on the occasion.

The six month sticker would ensure that the tourist taxi operators do not face any inconvenience due to different reasons and it would be certifying that the papers of the particular Taxi are complete in all respects. After the lapse of six months the taxi operators would be given another sticker which would be valid for the remaining part of the year

The move has been taken in consonance with the J&K High Court directions regarding regulation of the permit conditions issued to contract and stage carriers. It will also give the 37000 Contract carriage permit vehicles the option of conversion into stage carrier permits, the Maxi Cab contract carriage permit holders will also be given option of retaining the contract or stage carrier holder status.