Advisory for Orchardists

Apple Tree (file photo)

In view of continual and torrential rains, the Directorate of Horticulture has issued an advisory for orchardists advising them to ensure immediate dewatering of their orchards.

According to the department’s Subject Matter Specialist, Pomology, Directorate of Horticulture, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, the orchardist of the valley must spray dodine 65WP (60 gram), carbon dizon (12%), Mancozayib (63%), 75WP (250 gram), captan (70%), hexaconazole (5%), 75WP(50 gram) mixed in a liter of water in the areas where anti scab fungicides have been sprayed.

For further information, the orchardists have been asked to contact the Departmental authorities at their Rajbagh, Srinagar office.