Basharat Bukhari for removing stagnation in Revenue Department

Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Syed Basharat Ahmad Bukhari

The Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Syed Basharat Ahmad Bukhari today asked the officers to take immediate steps for removing stagnation at various levels in the department so that the human resource can be effectively utilized besides opening up new avenues of promotion.

The Minister was speaking at a meeting convened here today to discuss the human resource management in the Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Departments.  Commissioner Secretary, Revenue Relief and Rehabilitation Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Special Secretary and other senior officers were also present.

The Minister asked the Commissioner Secretary to work out modalities for removing stagnation of the officials at various levels and expedite convening of DPCs at all levels.  He said instructions should be conveyed down the line to ensure regular convening of DPCs so that more promotion avenues are created for the officials working in the Revenue department at all levels and the process should be fast paced.

Asking the officers to make available online status of various infrastructural assets of the department, the Minister said by doing so we would be getting the requisite information about undertaking the augmentation of these, if needed.  He said the information of the officials working in various field offices should also be uploaded so that we can have the first hand knowledge about the human resource available with the department.

Syed Basharat Bukhari also asked the officers to undertake measures by which the outdated laws can be looked into and necessary amendments if any can be incorporated in them to make them broad-based and in consonance with the present context.  He said for the same a Committee should be constituted and eminent lawyer, revenue-expert besides the senior officers of the department should also be the members of the said Committee.

The Minister also asked the Commissioner-Secretary to get the requisite information about the Khads so that the necessary exercise can be initiated about their utility especially during the rainy season in Jammu division. He said that necessary action would also be undertaken on the structured which have been constructed on these.

While asking the  officers  about the  status of  implementation of the recent circular asking for the  work done  report of the  Patwaris  and  Naib Tehsildars,  the Minister said that it should be  implemented in letter and spirit so that the work  culture down the line get the requisite  flip and people also get  benefitted from it. He said that we have to ensure that the Revenue Department and its officials work in people friendly environment which would also ensure accountability and transparency at different levels.

The Minister also asked the Commissioner Secretary to get the  Action Taken Reports of the various decisions taken in different meetings from the  divisional and district officers on  monthly  basis so that the implementation of these can be  monitored.  He said that a mechanism should be formulated in order to oversee that the various Acts and Laws pertaining to the Revenue Department are properly implemented at the ground level.

Syed Basharat Bukhari also  directed the officers to  ensure  that the  bottlenecks if any  related  to the acquisition of land  and  other related  issues   of the National Highway project are  resolved at an earliest so that this prestigious  project is completed within the stipulated time-frame and people get benefitted  from it.