Chief Secretary reviews action taken on ‘Agenda of Alliance’

Chief Secretary, B R Sharma reviews action taken on ‘Agenda of Alliance’

In order to draw a clear picture of how much has been achieved by various departments in respect of implementing the ‘Agenda of Alliance’, Chief Secretary, B R Sharma Fridayasked all Administrative Secretaries to submit a status report to the General Administration Department (GAD) within a week.

In its meeting on August 4th, the Sub Committee constituted for the effective implementation of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ had asked the Chief Secretary to prepare an Action Taken Report (ATR) with regard to implementation of the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ and accordingly brief the Sub Committee.

As a follow up to the decision of the Sub Committee, Chief Secretary today chaired a meeting here with Administrative Secretaries to discuss the department wise achievements in accordance with the ‘Agenda of Alliance’.

Chief Secretary observed that while many departments have already taken steps towards realizing the agenda points, set out in the ‘Agenda of Alliance’, the action taken needs to be further consolidated and presented accordingly.

“Analyze the agenda points pertaining to your respective departments and see what has been already implemented and how do you contemplate to implement the rest” Chief Secretary told Administrative Secretaries.

Chief Secretary also instructed the Administrative Secretaries to place the Action Taken Report before the Ministers concerned for their perusal before sending them to the GAD.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary also asked the Administrative Secretaries to expedite the identification of posts against SRO-43 cases and for the appointment of outstanding sports persons so that the process of filling up such posts is completed at the earliest.