Drabu Inaugurates conference on European contribution towards Kashmiri Language

Minister of Finance, Labour and Employment, and Culture Dr Haseeb Ahmad Drabu

Minister of Finance, Labour and Employment, and Culture Dr Haseeb Ahmad Drabu today called for creating an intellectual movement as a means for cultural revival in the state.

          Dr Drabu was speaking at the inaugural function of a Conference on ‘European Contribution towards Kashmiri Language,’ organized by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.

Dr Drabu said that Kashmir is famous not just for its handicrafts and other things but is also rich in its ideas. “This conference is more significant in the present time as it is the 195th year of the arrival of William Carey who started serial engagements of Europeans in Kashmir,” said Dr Drabu. “In the next five years Academy should undertake research on this important subject that should cover all such authors who came and wrote about Kashmir. This will be for our posterity as our new generation knows a little about it.”

          Dr Drabu said that it is important to see the context and the purpose of their work which runs into 20-25 valuable books. While stressing on cultural revival, Dr Drabu said that it should be taken on two levels. “On one level there should be functions like ‘Art for All’, where it is for current consumption, whereas on the other level, the conferences like today’s should be organized that will be confined to intellectual elite. This will create the art and literature for our future generations,” said Dr Drabu.

          While praising Aurel Stein for his work on Kashmiri language, Dr Drabu called for preservation and appreciation of artists, and intellectuals and extended complete financial support to Academy in this regard. Dr Drabu said that when we appreciate our artists, support their work, only then it will lead to cultural autonomy and create institutions of knowledge.

          On the occasion, Dr Drabu released Kashmiri translation of Pandit Birbal Kachroo’s Majmua Tawareekh and Kashmiri translation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Gubani Khatir. A monograph on Ghulam Nabi Dholwal, Akram Baqal Daedlad, Sheeraza’s new issue and Maraaz Number Soan Adab were also released.

          Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages Dr Aziz Hajini, prominent writer Prof Rehman Rahi and other writers were also present on the occasion.