Governor honours writers in a function by “Hindi Kashmiri Sangam”

Governor honouring writers in a function at Raj Bhavan

Governor N.N. Vohra honoured writers from different parts of the country and abroad in a function organized by the “Hindi Kashmiri Sangam (HKS)” at the Raj Bhavan here today. The writers were honoured for their contributions to the enrichment of the Hindi and Kashmiri literature.

          The Governor complimented Dr. Beena Budki, Secretary HKS, for her  continuing efforts and contribution towards the enrichment of Hindi and Kashmiri literature under the aegis of HKS. He observed that interactions among writers from different cultural milieu help in promoting literature and ideas and contribute to introducing greater understandings and harmonious relations between different communities and cultures, besides the enrichment of society as a whole.

          The Governor congratulated the authors who received recognition and literary awards which have been instituted by the HKS. He also released  “Janam Shatabdi Granth- Dina Nath Nadim” and “Awadhi Tatha Kashmiri Lok Geeton Mein Loktattava”- a comparative study of Kashmiri and Awadhi culture, both books written by Dr. Budki and “Kashmir Sandesh”- a quarterly Hindi magazine edited by Dr. Budki . Dr. Ram Chander Roy presented “Hindi EvamTagore”, a book written by him to the Governor.

          The HKS honoured the Governor with “Kalhan Smriti Desh Ratan Samman” for his contributions towards the State.