Governor releases “Sanskrit Adbas Kashren Hund Dyut”

Governor N.N. Vohra, released Mr. S.N. Pandit’s book “Sanskrit Adbas Kashren Hund Dyut”at a function held at the Raj Bhavan today. The author briefed the Governor about salient features of the book.

          This book, in Kashmiri language, has been written in the Urdu script. In this well researched volume the author, who has earlier served as a Research Officer in the Kashmiri Department of Kashmir University, has endeavoured to translate ancient Sanskrit literature in Kashmir into the Kashmiri language. The book includes Kashmiri translations of historical literature, like Rajtrangini, written in different periods by Kalhan, Jonaraja, Shriver, and Shuk; Puranas: Neelmatpurana, Vishnudharmottar, Vasudev Purana; long narrations: Vikramankdev Charitra, Prithvi Raj Vijay; Poetry: Harvijay, Kadambiri, Shri Kanth Charita, Kathakotuk; short epics : Ramayan Manjri, Brahat Katha; Folk Tales: Katha Sarita Sagar; short narrations of Kshemendra depicting socio-cultural history of Kashmir; short poems, devotional poetry, Indian Poetics; Adbi Istelah etc.

          The Governor complimented the author for his years of hard work in writing this valuable book and hoped that being of considerable interest to the historians it would be of immense significance for the researchers and literary persons who are working on Kashmiri literature. He observed that such well researched works are of great value in the enrichment of the language and wished Mr. Pandit many more years of fruitful literary endeavours.