High Security Registration Plates mandatory for vehicles

High security number plates mandatory

Transport Commissioner, Saugat Biswas today held a video conference with all RTOs and ARTOs of the State wherein modalities were worked out to ensure hundred percent coverage and implementation of the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) scheme.

Transport Commissioner informed that the scheme mandated by the Supreme Court is already in implementation in J&K. However, till now the coverage of HSRP fixation for newly purchased vehicles was around 60% which has now been targeted at 100%. “We have modified the workflow of registration of new vehicles in a manner which shall ensure 100% fixation”, he added.

Saugat Biswas said that facilities like SMS alerts shall be sent to the vehicle owners as soon as the HSRP plates become ready for installation, besides, an online portal is also being developed for the convenience of the owners.

He directed the concerned to display the Government approved rates of the HSRP at all the ARTO offices and further clarified that the rates are approved only for the HSRP along with its installation. Fixation of any accessory with the plates is at the sole discretion of the vehicle owner, he maintained.

It was decided that vehicles plying without HSRP shall be fined under the Motor Vehicle Act. However with a view to helping the people, a system is being put in place to facilitate booking of HSRP in lieu of fining on the road itself. The Motor Vehicle department shall commence the drive from the 6th November in all the twenty-two districts of J&K.

The HSPR plates are fastened with non-removable/non-reusable snap lock system at the premises of the RTO/ARTO. Apart from the registration plates chromium based hologram sticker is also fixed on the windshield of the vehicles. With a view to protect from counterfeiting the HSRPs are hot-stamped with chromium based hologram and a permanent consecutive identification number of minimum seven digit is laser branded into a reflective sheeting. These uniformly designed number plates shall have all their data including their linkage with the vehicle details, dealer, registering authority, State, Country etc. thereby providing security from damage and counterfeiting, informed the Transport Commissioner.

Later, Biswas also reviewed the preparations for launching the Dealer Assisted Registration of non-transport vehicle in the State.

Directions were issued for conducting training of Dealers by the ARTOs and RTOs wherever they were pending. Various guidelines were issued with a view to making the process of registration of non-transport vehicles in the State hassle-free both for the public as well as the dealers. The process shall be handled on the VAHAN 4.0 national portal and shall be launched soon.

The conference was attended by all the Vikas Sharma, Joint Transport Commissioner, J&K; Amarjeet Singh, RTO, Kathua; Farooq Rather, RTO, Kashmir; Deep Raj, RTO, Jammu, Rakesh Gupta, NIC; Rashi Dutta, Asst. Transport Commissioner, all ARTOs and concerned vendors.