Jai Valley, an eco-health resort in Bhaderwah

Jai Valley in Bhaderwah

Jai Valley: An everlasting eco-Health resort, lies at 32 km on the North East of Bhaderwah and connected by beautiful Bhaderwah-Chinta-jai road which passes through beautiful deodar forests of Nakshri, Bhalara, Balote and Chinta valley.

The beautiful valley runs into kilometers and is bisected by a rivulet which is famous for trout fish. The valley has mighty rocks and waterfalls which possess challenge to rock climbers. The stay facility in the valley is available as “HOLIDAY VILLAGE” built by way of colorful tented accommodation and well designed igloo huts. The facility for adventure lovers and trekkers is also available in shape of a beautiful tourist hostel in the valley which accommodates 150 guests. The lush green V-shaped valley is surrounded by coniferous forests of deodar and pine trees. With the upcoming winters it is an ideal place for winter sports like ice skating, skiing and sledging, when the entire valley is covered with snow up to the month of April. Visitors can even pitch their tents for weeks long and can enjoy horse riding and trekking. The valley is also famous for wild herblike Guchhi( Monels), Kasrode (Breken), etc.  On the hill above the valley the famous ‘Roshera mata’ temple is situated at a distance of 3kms where the famous annual festival on the occasion of Navaratra Ashtmi is organized and the people across the Doda District and some from Chamba district of  himachal Pradesh visit the shrine.