Kashmiri Pandits still have a good connect to their roots in Kashmir

Kashmiri Pandits living outside Jammu and Kashmir still have a good connect to their roots in Kashmir.Majority of Pandits had to leave Kashmir valley in early 90’s due to militancy in the state. No serious efforts were made by the successive governments to bring them back to their homes.Thousands of Pandits away from their home are living life of a refugee in their own country.But despite of hardships, they stood on their feet and got settled temporarily in different parts of the country and abroad as well.But their physical absence from their home land did not effect their connect with their roots in Kashmir. That is the reason Kashmiri Pandits often visit their native places and meet their neighbours and friends. Newly rebuilt temple complex in Kulwagishori in Kulgam district of south Kashmir is an example of their connect with home land.Pandits of their village living outside Kashmir built the temple and one – room set with active support of locals.