LMD Kathua organizes awareness programme

Kathua Map

The Legal Metrology Department Kathua today organized a Consumer awareness programme for students here at Government High School Nagrota Preta , tehsil Basholi.

          The programme was held under the supervision of Assistant Controller Legal Metrology, Ajay Kumar Verma

       The   Students/Consumers were educated about their rights and duties while purchasing the day to day goods from the market. They were made aware about the precautions they have to take while making purchases including the proper utility of the weights and Measures scales  by the various traders. They were also trained how to check the authenticity of various weights and Measures used by the traders for business transaction. They were advised to see zero and mark of month and Year of verification and stamping   on the Electronic Weighing Machines before purchasing any Commodity.

          The practical demonstration about how to check the retesting date and Net weight of Domestic LPG Cylinder were given to the students and staff of the School. They were also informed that the net quantity of LPG gas in the Domestic LPG gas Cylinder is 14.200Kg and how to get it checked by the delivery man. It was informed that under rules, it is mandatory to mention the retesting date of the gas cylinder.

“The mandatory re-test is alphanumerically mentioned on the one of the stem of the cylinder. The alpha numerical code comprises of letter A,B,B,C,D and two digit number .A stands for first quarter (Jan-March),B stands for second Quarter( April-June), C stands for third Quarter(July-September) and D Stands for fourth Quarter(October to December)  of a calendar Year” the LMD told the participants. For example, if A-18 is marked on one of the stems of the cylinder, it means that re-testing date of that cylinder expires on March 31, 2018, if re-testing date on the cylinder expires, then the cylinder becomes hazardous to life and property of consumers and they should refuse to take the delivery.

         The Department also informed the participants to check the mandatory declaration like Maximum Retail Price (MRP), Date of Packing(PKD), Complete address of the manufacturer/ Packer, Net weight of the Commodity, Name of the commodity and Customer care Number on the pre- packed commodities before purchasing these commodities.

          Meanwhile, the Department also conducted inspection of shops and business establishments in the Basholi Town.

The LMD team checked compliance with regard to J&K Weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011(Amended) and Packages Commodities Rules and a fine of Rs 2000 was recovered from the erring traders.