Mehbooba delegates more powers to ministers

J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti

 Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has delegated more powers to Ministers of States (MoS) which include transferring of non-gazetted officers.
The order has been issued in pursuance of Rule 5 of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Business Rules.
The other powers delegated to MoS include: to accord administrative approval to the works beyond the competence of HoDs upto Rs.3.00 crores, to sanction advance drawl upto Rs.15 lakh with the concurrence of FA and CAO and to sanction medical treatment outside the State in respect of the non-gazetted staff under the ]&K Civil Services (Medical Attendance-cum- Allowance) Rules, 1990.
As per the Government Order No: 1364 -GAD of 2016 dated, 15-12-2016, a copy in possession reads that junior ministers would enjoy powers to sanction charge allowance in favour of the officers/officials, officiating on the higher posts, to sanction deputation of non-gazetted staff in connection with official work outside the State but within the country, to sanction deputation of the non-gazetted staff to attend the technical conferences and to sanction festival advance in favour of the staff.
Further, the junior ministers have powers to refer non-gazetted and gazetted vacancies to the Selection Committees / SSB/ PSC, to approve constitution of the Survey Committees for surplus and un-serviceable stores in the departments subordinate to them, to sanction under Rule 18. 18 of the J&K Financial Code, ‘writing off’ of irrecoverable value of stores and livestock lost when there is no fraud or negligence.
Minister of State would enjoy powers to approve blacklisting of contractors and suppliers as per the norms laid down under Rule 18.1 of the J&K Financial Code, to lay the reports of different committees, wherever constituted, before the State Legislature, to order with-holding of increments under Rule 30 (iii) of the J&K Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules in case of the non-gazetted employees under their administrative control, to sanction local purchase of stationery articles from the contingency grants of the Department and to sanction expenditure in connection with the ceremonial functions, such as; laying of foundation stone or opening of a public building and others.
The order also empowers them to sanction honorarium in favour of the non-gazetted employees with the concurrence of the Finance Department.
The order has directed that transfer and posting proposals of the gazetted officers, which require approval of the Administrative Department, shall be placed before the Minister-in-Charge through the Minister of State; all proposals in respect of the PPP projects and other projects relating to the development initiatives, shall be placed before the Minister-in-Charge through the Minister of State.
All files and matters requiring approval of the minister-in-charge shall be routed through the Minister of State; and such matters / files should be disposed of by the concerned MoS within seven days from the date of such reference/receipt of file.