Mufti condemns assault on Kulkarni, disallowing Ghulam Ali’s concert

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 Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, has strongly condemned the assault on well-known political analyst, Sudheendra Kulkarni, in Mumbai, ahead of a book launch ceremony yesterday. 

He also described disallowing famous Ghazal singer, Ghulam Ali, to perform in Mumbai as unfortunate.

The Chief Minister made these observations on the sidelines of a function at Degree College, Anantnag, here this afternoon.


Terming the attack on Kulkarni and not allowing the organizers to hold the concert of Ghulam Ali as highly condemnable, Mufti Sayeed said the hawkish attitude of certain fringe elements cannot be allowed to shrink the space for freedom of expression. He said politics of hate has no place in a country as diverse as India. “Those who think they can resort to political hooliganism and get away with it are living in a fool’s paradise,” he said, while expressing solidarity with Sudheendra Kulkarni and Ghulam Ali and the organizers of the twin functions.