No roll back on service tax leveid on Mata vaishnov Devi Pilgrims/ Drabu

Minister of Finance, Dr Haseeb A Drabu

Finace minster Dr. Haseeb Drabu has said that he doesn’t see any reason in rolling back the service tax leveid on chopper fares for Mata vaishno Devi pilgrims . Talking to media persons on the sidelines of a function at Srinagar Drabu said that the Board itself is charging Rs 300 aa landing charges ” we have put service tax of 12.5% on passenger fare of commercial choppers and the pilgrims visiting the shrine use commercial choppers. If the Mata vaishno Devi shrine board reduces the landing charges , the fare will remain the same ” he said. Notably the opposition parties and some leaders within BJP have opposed the Govt move of leveying service tax on chopper fares .