PM gifts a Pashmina stole in a Papier Mache box from J&K to PM of Sweden

A symbol of luxury and elegance, Kashmiri Pashmina Stoles have been treasured for their rare material, exquisite craftsmanship and reminiscent designs since time immemorial. The warmth and softness that these stoles offer is simply beyond comparison.

Pashmina is an exclusive art of Union Territory of Kashmir, India which is known for producing for one of the finest Pashmina stoles.

The wool used for making Pashmina stoles comes from a special breed of Kashmiri goat found in the high altitude regions of the Himalayas. A good Pashmina stole requires an expert hand for spinning, weaving and creating embroidery. The art of weaving Pashmina and hand-embroidery on Pashminas has been passed on as a legacy from generations to generations in the Indian Union Territory of Kashmir.
The Pashmina stole is packed in a Kashmir Papier Mache box which is handcrafted and coloured. The piece is hand painted in the floral design depicting flora and fauna of Kashmir valley. The design used in this piece is intricate pattern drawn with fine thin brush. Water based colours and natural pigments have been used in this piece. Pure gold foil and paint has been used in the design which imparts a royal look to the piece. Finally, the piece is coated with lacquer which protects it from water and gives extra durability.