Police issues an advisory for the people during encounters

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Police has issued an advisory for the people during encounters.

In case any encounter starts anywhere, the people particularly the parents of young adults of nearby area are requested not to allow their wards to move towards the encounter site. In case they are outside home they be recalled to home.

 The residents of nearby area within the radius of two kilometers should stay inside their homes and need not venture out as any stray bullet can hit and cause damage. The residents are also requested not to come out of their houses or Peep out of the window panes.

As 144 CRPC immediately comes into force at encounter site and around them, the elders, Chowkidars and village headmen are requested to advise people to stay away from encounter site. Assembly of five or more people be discouraged as it is prohibited under the provisions of this section of CRPC.

Every person of the area should ensure that they stay at least 2 KM away from encounter site so that they do not fall prey to a stray bullet.

After encounter people are requested not to rush towards encounter site as there are chances of unexploded grenades/explosives lying there. The people, particularly respectable should ensure that the encounter site and area around is properly sanitized by the police or any other security agency, before they come near it.