Power shutdown in Jammu region

Power shutdown

In order to carry out  the rectification of hotspots and routine maintenance /Branch cutting/ tightening of jumpers and replacement of defective Disc Insulators in Grid Station Barn, the shut down of  220 KV D/C Barn-Kishenpur Transmission Line and 220/132/33 KV Grid Station Barn is allowed  on August 21 from 07 am to 01 pm.

During the shut down period, the power supply to Grid Station Canal, Pounichak, Katra, Rajouri, Draba, Chandak, Jourian, Barn and District Reasi, Rajouri, Poonch and part of District Jammu shall remain affected.

Similarly, to carry out urgent repair works at Receiving Station Medical, the shutdown of 33 KV Canal-Medical line emanating from Grid Station Canal is allowed on August 21 from 07 am to 01 pm.

During the shut down period, the power supply to Maheshpura, Rehari, Bakshi Nagar Shopping Complex, Bakshi Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Bakshi Nagar Gurha, Qasim Nagar, Rajpura Mangotiran, Shiv Nagar and adjoining areas shall remain affected.

 In order to carry out the construction works under R-APDRP Scheme, the power supply to Lower Shiv Nagar, Upper Shiv Nagar, Rehari and its adjoining areas fed from SN-1 and SN-2 feeders shall remain affected on August 22 to 31 (on alternate days) from 06 am to 10 am.

Similarly, the power supply to Prem Nagar, Christian Colony, Upper Gummat and Lower Gummat fed from DG-2 feeder shall remain affected on August 21 and 22 from 07 am to 11 am.

Meanwhile, the power supply to Company Bagh, Residency Road, Wazarat Road and adjoining areas fed from CB-2, R-2 and WZ-1 shall remain affected on August 22 and 23 from 07 am to 11 am.