Rajendra holds Video Conference with district police heads of Kashmir Valley

The Director General of Police (DGP), Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar Thursday held a video conference with District Superintendents of Police of Kashmir province

The Director General of Police (DGP), Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar Thursday held a video conference with District Superintendents of Police of Kashmir province and reviewed the current year’s progress with regard to law & order, security, crime control, infrastructure, training and other administrative fronts.

Mr. Rajendra asked the officers to brief their subordinates units to remain vigilant to meet any exigency caused by unfavourable weather. He said that the problems faced by the common people in far-flung areas should be addressed timely. He stressed upon the officers for maintaining close coordination and strengthening the communication network to facilitate the people during emergency situations.

          The DGP, while seeking reports from the Kashmir based Range DIsGP and District Superintendents of Police, regarding crime detection, law and order scenario and status of working of police establishments working in the field, stressed to speed up the rate of finalizing the cases and bringing criminals to justice. He said that investigation work should be monitored regularly to get better results. He asked the officers to fix priorities for the next year to strengthen all units on modern lines. He said better deliverance should be the priority of the organization and gaps observed during the current year should be addressed.

 Mr. Rajendra stressed upon the officers to work in close coordination with other security agencies to curb the activities of elements inimical to peace. He asked the officers that while dealing with any anti-militancy operation and law and order scenario, people should not face any inconvenience.

          Mr. Rajendra also asked officers to coordinate and help civil administration in minimizing problems of common masses caused due to cold weather. He said field staff should be briefed to bring the problems of the people to the notice of the concerned authorities for redress.

          Deliberating on the pace of progress of civic action programme in the districts, Mr. Rajendra stressed to monitor the programmes personally and ensure that the deserving people particularly the youth are benefited through these programmes. He said Police Department is carrying out various programmes for the betterment and development of the youth.

          Earlier, IGP, Kashmir Zone, SJM Geelani, Range DIsGP, Mr. Garib  Dass and Mr. Nitish Kumar apprised the DGP about  the efforts made for maintenance of law and order and crime detection in the Zone. The DGP stressed on further strengthening the security grid at all levels and ensure that peace and normalcy prevails.

Among others, the meeting was attended by ADsGP, SP Vaid, Navin Agerwal, VK Singh and SM Sahai, IsGP, HK Lohia, AG Mir, SL Sharma and Viplav Kumar, AIsGP, Dr. Hassib Mughal, Lohia, AG Mir, Sl Sharma aned  Sheikh Junaid Mahmood, Kulbir Singh and Sheikh Zulfikar Azad and other police officers.