Students of Leh and Kargil attended a seminar in Chandigarh

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) Regional Centre organized a one day seminar on ‘Role of Youth in Development’ in Chandigarh today. Chering Dorjay, Minister for Cooperatives inaugurated the seminar that was attended by over 100 students from Leh and Kargil those who are studying outside Ladakh. Experts and students extensively discussed about meaningful engagement of young people in development process.

Chering Dorjay, Minister for Cooperatives said “In the history of Ladakh we have never seen such a large cohort of youth population interestingly large educated youth population. To ensure peace and sustainable development in Ladakh, we should engage our young people in a meaningful way not only in development process but also in democratic and governance process. I appreciate the initiative of the RGNIYD RC in developing the leadership capacity of young people, so that our youth can be partners in development in formulating policies and programmes appropriate and relevant in the context of Ladakh not merely beneficiaries” The Minister has requested the RGNIYD to organise more such programmes for students from Leh and Kargil in the future considering geographical conditions and lack of such opportunities across Ladakh.

Stanzin Dawa Regional Coordinator RGNIYD RC said, “Young people have a body of experience unique to their situation, and they have views and ideas that derive from this experience. Youth today have dynamic power and potential to make a difference in their communities and the world. Youth must be viewed as partners in devising solutions to common concerns, rather than being viewed as a problem or risk to be contained or solved. Participation involves recognising youth as social actors with skills and capacities to bring about constructive solutions to societal issues”

Phunchok Former IG Police underscored ‘We need not only well informed young people but well-formed young people; who are skilful in addressing issues, compassionate to the underprivileged and innovative in addressing new challenges, who are solutions to the problems, who are proactive, who dare to do mistakes and learn from it, who are willing to work hard.”

The seminar has significantly helped the young people to understand their role in democracy, governance and development process. “I not only understood but also realized the importance and relevance of youth participation in development process.” said Jigmet President Ladakh Students Association Chandigarh. The students actively participated in the discussion and appreciated the Minister for patient listening to their questions and concerns.