Teachers welcome court decision/ Qayoom Wani

Chairman Empoloyees Joint action committee Abdul Qayoom Wani has said that the committee endorses the court order regarding scrutiny of certificates of ReT and teachers. He was talking to reporters at Srinagar today. Wani said that it was the teachers who had said that the certificates of teachers and the teachers serving in the department under ReT scheme should be scrutinized to expose the people who have got their jobs by getting fake degrees” We welcome the decision, we have been asking for scrutiny of fake certificates and fake universities. We were against the Govt order in which it was said that all the ReTs and teachers will have to sit in a screening test , We fully agree with dthe court order” Qayoom wani told reporters at Srinagar today. Notably J&K high court has ordered the Govt to constitute a committee which will go forĀ  scrutiny of degrees of ReTs should be completed within one week.