The Haj flights shall operate from 17th August, 2015

The Haj flights shall operate from 17th August, 2015o. The flight schedule from 17th to 21st August as notified by Haj Committee of India is hereby published. The concerned pilgrims shall collect their travel documents two days prior to the date of departure from Haj House, Bemina from 2.00 pm onwards on production of passport receipt and State Haj Dues pay-in-slip, in original. The pilgrims belonging to Jammu Division and Ladakh region who report at Haj House one day in advance shall be given the documents on their arrival. The reporting time at Haj House shall be as under:

Flight Date Flight No. Reporting Time at Haj House

17-08-2015 AI-5201 (1st Flight) 4:00 am

17-08-2015 AI-5203 (2nd Flight) 9:00 am

18-08-2015 AI-5205 (1st Flight) 4:00 am

18-08-2015 AI-5207 (2nd Flight) 9:00 am

19-08-2015 AI-5209 (1st Flight) 4:00 am

19-08-2015 AI-5211 (2nd Flight) 9:00 am

20-08-2015 AI-5213 (1st Flight) 4:00 am

20-08-2015 AI-5215 (2nd Flight) 9:00 am

21-08-2015 AI-5217 (1st Flight) 6:00 am

21-08-2015 AI-5219 (2nd Flight) 9:00 am

The pilgrims are advised to report in time. It may be noted that only standard luggage provided to the pilgrims by Haj Committee of India will be accepted as check in luggage by the airlines. Further the hand baggage should not be overweight / oversized and no banned items should be carried in the luggage. The flight schedule for remaining pilgrims shall be notified separately. Executive Officer