Two Days National Seminar on Vedas Organized

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh has said that the teachings of Vedas and Vedic literature are more relevant in the present age and we should religiously follow them to live a peaceful life based on mutual brotherhood and universality.

The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking after inaugurating a two day national Seminar on Veda organized by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan at Shri Ranbir Campus, Kotbhalwal, Jammu and was attended by several renowned Sanskrit scholars, intellectuals, scholars and academia.

Dr. Singh said that the Vedas are a way of living and the information about every facet of life and its living has been broadly discussed in the Vedic literature and we should be following the same for living life based on contentment and fulfilment. He said that in the present context where the material pursuits have made the human race intolerant and materialistic the teachings of Vedic literature assumes importance as it can very effectively guide them on a path of righteousness.

“The concept of inclusivity has been very vividly described in the Vedas besides other facts of human life and living have also been discussed in detail and the need of the hour is to imbibe them and follow them”, he maintained and called for developing a scientific temper to carry out research on the various other related things mentioned in these ancient and sacred texts.

The Dy. CM said that in the present age of flux where everything is undergoing a drastic change and the human race is looking for a viable media to control these, the teachings of Vedas and Vedic Literature gains importance as it can provide the necessary remedial measures for the same. “The Indian civilization has since times immemorial acted as a repository of rich art, culture and Intellect and has been the guiding light to the whole of Humanity and has guided them out of several difficult occasions and we can do the same in the present times as well”, he added.

Dr. Singh, further asked the younger generation to imbibe the rich culture and values of our civilization, besides, undertaking the necessary research on various facets of the same which can then act as a guiding light to the posterity . He said that the work being done by the organization in teaching one of the ancient languages of the world to the students is commendable and people from all walks of life should contribute their bit in preserving our heritage, culture and values. “Several languages of the world have their roots in the Sanskrit language including Kashmiri, Dogri the Principle languages spoken in the state, so the need is to preserve this classical language and also undertake the necessary steps for its promotion and propagation”, he maintained.

Among, others who spoke on the occasion included Prof. Dayanand Bhargava, Chairman, Vedavijnana Peeth, JRRSU, Jaipur, Prof. Yugal Kishore Mishra, Head, Deptt. Of Veda, Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, Varanasi, (U.P.), Prof. Parameshwara Narayana Shastry, Vice Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi.

Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Chief Co-ordinator and Prof. Ramanuja Devanathan, Principal, Teachers, Staff & Students were also present.