Villages to be developed in planned way/ MGNAREGA employees to get 25% salary hike/ Haq khan

Minister for Rural Development Abdul Haq Khan has said that the villages across the state will not be allowed to develop in a haphazard manner . interacting with journalists at Srinagar today, Khan said that planning is necessary so that the villages give a beautiful look. ” Under the Gawoon Jahan Hamara, we want that a plan is made as it has been found that people construct houses in flood zones, or just adjacent to the main roads which duesgt look good ” he said. Khan saidvtgat 180 persons who have been working under DRDA scheme stand regularised from today. Referring to MGNAREGA, Khan said announced 25% hike in their salaries ” the salaries of these employees have not been hiked sincevtfey have been engaged , our ministry has decided to give them 25% hike in their salaries this year ” Khan added