Balwant Thakur nominated as member of the NEAC of ICCR

Balwant Thakur

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has nominated Balwant Thakur as member of the National Empanelment Advisory Committee of Indian Council for Cultural Relations for a period of three years. This high powered committee is mandated to select and recommend the artists/groups for their performances world over. This National Empanelment Advisory Committee will be above the seven sub committees of experts viz Theatre and Puppetry Traditional & Contemporary), Carnatic Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Hindustani Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Dance I (Odissi, Manipuri, Sattriya, Kathak, Chhau), Dance II (Bhartanatyam, Mohiattam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali) Modren Experimental works of Dance and Music, including Light and Popular Music, and Folk and other Traditional forms of Dance and Music. Earlier on two occasions Balwant Thakur has served as an expert in sub committees of Theatre/puppetry and Folk/Traditional forms of Music/Dance/Drama but this is for the first time that a person from J&K has been elevated to such a higher position. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, the major sponsor of the showcasing of India’s culture abroad sends over 150 groups to foreign countries and this high powered committee of which Balwant Thakur is a member will be responsible for the selection/recommendation of the artists/groups for their performances abroad.
Balwant Thakur is considered to be the largely travelled abroad cultural personality of India who has a deep rooted knowledge of the performance level and the quality required of the artists for their International performances. Balwant Thakur has already successfully presented his presentations at Bangkok (Thailand) Singapore, Kula Lumpur (Malaysia) London, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, Stratford, (U.K.) Berlin, Frankfurt, (Germany), Rome, Florence, Venice (Italy) Moscow, Yoroslov, Belgrade, St. Petersburg, (Russia) Turkey, Shanghai, Bejing, Nanjing, Xining, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao (China) Almaty, Bishkek, Denmark, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhaabi, and Dhaka. Conferred with Padamshree, Balwant Thakur has already bestowed with over prestigious Thirty National honours and Awards.