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Food is not only about vitamins, proteins, fats or nutrients.It is about ethnicity, culture and identity.Kashmiri cuisine is famous not only for its quality, aroma and taste but also the way it is served with full warmth and superb hospitality.
Main cousin of Kashmir is “Wazwaan” which represents Kashmiri Muslim culture and identity.Kashmiri Pandit cuisine is entirely different.They do not use garlic or onion in any of their traditional dishes(List given in the bottom after Wazwan)
Wazwaan is a combination of about 35 non dishes most of them non vegetarian dishes.All dishes are served by chef called Waza in Kashmiri language.Main dishes in Wazwaan are:

Maithi maaz (Fenugreek with mutton)

Rista (meatballs in red chilly gravy)

Waza Kokur (Cooked chicken)

Dani Phol (mutton dish)

Rogan Josh (tender lamb cooked with in red chillies and other spices)

Tabak Maaz (lamb ribs cooked in yogurt till tender, then fried)

Daniwal Korma (mutton curry with coriander leaves)

Palak Maaz (spinach cooked with mutton balls)

Aab Gosh (lamb cooked in milk)

Marchwangan Korma (spicy chilly lamb preparation)

Kabab (roasted hand minced meat rolls)

Gushtaba (hand minced meatball cooked in white yogurt)

Yakhni (fatty mutton cooked in yogurt)

Tchaman (cheese cooked with Tomato)

Dum Aalo (potatoes cooked with red chilly powder and yogurt)

Muji Chetin (radish chutney with walnut and green chilly)

sweet dish called Phirni (Suji boiled in milk and dry fruits, flavord with cardamom, saffron etc. Generally served cold
in cups or bowls)

Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine consists of Rogan Josh, Kaliya, Tabak Maaz, Mutch (minced mutton balls), Haakh, Nadir Yakhni (Lotus stem cooked in curd), Tchok Vangan ( sour Brinjal), Dum Aloo, Muji Chatni etc.Speciality of Kashmiri cuisine is that all traditional dishes are prepared without using garlic and onion.Rice Pulav with dry fruits is the main sweet dish of kashmiri Pandit cuisine.