Driving license of Traffic rules violators to be suspended

Traffic Polce

SSP Traffic, Maqsood-ul-Zaman, has issued strict instructions for suspension of driving license of those who violate traffic rules for a minimum period of three months.

 The SSP informed that the department has installed movable video cameras at different intersections to nab the violators of traffic rules that include red light jumping, excessive speed, overloading, use of mobile phones and driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

“Action will be taken against the traffic rule violators which may include suspension of driving License for a period of not less than three months under section 19 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988”, the SSP maintained.

SSP Traffic further stated that both road fatalities and traffic congestion has become a cause of concern and unless strong and urgent measures are not taken on ground, these unfortunate incidents would continue to remain alarming.

He said 45 driving licenses of traffic violators have been confiscated and forwarded to RTO concerned for suspension as a deterrent.