Governor reviews status of Jhelum dredging work

Governor N.N Vohra reviewed the progress of ongoing dredging of river Jhelum from Anantnag to Baramulla. The ongoing dredging works in river Jhelum and its tributaries is being done under Disaster Management component of TAMEIR-Plan sanctioned by Government of India.

         The Governor noted that as of 12th March 2016, against targets till end March 2016, the cumulative dredging work done in the Jhelum river stretch from Khannabal Bridge to Halamulla was 3,11,713 cum against a target of 3,59,700 cum; for Sethar to Sempora stretch of the river it was 1,39,237 cum against a target of 1,79,166 cum; for Lasjan to Shalteng stretch, it was 94,930 cum against a target of 1,04000 cum; for Shalteng to Panzinara stretch of the river it was 35,780 cum as against a target of 60,500 cum; for Panzinara to Banyari stretch of the river it was 1,71,982 cum as against a target 2,72,500 cum.

        Similarly, for the outfall channel at Baramulla from Pohru to Janbazpora it was 34,070 cum against a target of 38,000 cum till March 2016. On the flood spill channel from Padshahi Bagh to Wullar the cumulative achievement was 1,18,455 cum as against a target of 1,34,150 cum.

        The Governor was informed that the dredging process has been started at Bell mouth of FSC to Panzinara and 2 Backhove excavators deployed at site. At Outfall Channel Baramulla the long boom and short boom excavators have reached the site and are under installation.

        The Governor noted that as on  12th  March 2016 the status of work done in the various stretches as against targets in month of March 2016 is: 25,590 cum against target of total 73,576 cum in Khannabal Bridge to Halamulla stretch; 10,818 cum against target of 50,747 cum in Sethar to Sempora stretch; 2,550 cum against target of 11,620cum in Lasjan to Shalteng stretch; 1200 cum against target of 25,920 cum from Shalteng to Panzinara stretch; 6032 cum against target of 1,06,550 cum from Panzinara to Banyari stretch; and 1980 cum against target of 5910 cum from Pohru to Janbazpora stretch. Dredging has been completed to the extent of 16405 cum against target of 32,100 cum envisaged to be done in the Flood Spill Channel from Padshahibagh to Wullar.

               After having visited the dredging site last week, the Governor has been seeking daily reports on the implementation of this vital Project, to ensure that the works are completed as per the envisaged time frame.