jkreport Editor’s take.Government had promised moon but there is disappointment on ground

Famous Canadian artiste Ryan Reynolds has rightly said “When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment”. Yes when the new BJP-PDP government was formed in J&K, people had lots of expectations from state as well as centre.Even PDP workers and office bearers were very confident that with the active support of government in the centre, J&K state will move towards prosperity.Every one was under impression that money will flow from Delhi towards J&K like never before.But all this did not happen so far.Even no announcement was made by PM Narendra Modi when he visited jammu just a day before Eid.There is unrest among PDP workers and office bearers every where in the state.They are unable to face the people who despite of boycott calls from separatists voted in large numbers in favor of the party.Flood victims are still waiting for relief and rehabilitation.State government is already struggling to pay salaries to government employees. Hype was created about the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants but that issue also is frozen somewhere in the file. In this situation every one expects a “healing touch” from PM Narendra Modi who had promised moon when he campaigned in the state during elections.