Power shut down in Jammu

Power shutdown

To carry out  different development work by M/S. IRCON International the shutdown of 33 KV line feeding supply to Dhounthly Sub Station is allowed on April 29 from 06 am to 12 noonMay 01 from 06 am to 03 pm and May 04from 06 am to 12 noon.

The areas affected during the shutdown period are 11 KV Feeders emanating from 33/11 KV sub-station Dhounthly viz. Raj Bhawan, Jullaka Mohalla, Panjtirthi, Dhounthly Bazzar, Karan Nagar, Kachi Chawni, PHE Dhounthly, old city and adjoining areas, 11 KV feeder emanating from 33/11 KV S/Stn MES Nagrota and 11 KV Bamyal feeder emanating from 33/11 KV S/Stn. Sheetli

However, during the shutdown period power to Raj Bhawan shall be supplied either from 11 KV J-15 feeder emanating from 33/11 KV Sub-Station Janipur or 11 KV M-5 feeder emanating from 33/11 KV Sub-Station Medical College alternatively.

Meanwhile, to carry out overcrossing stringing work of LILO of 220 KV S/C Gladni-Hiranagar at 400/220 KV Sub Station Samba, the shutdown of 132 KV Hiranagar-Bari Brahmana and 220 KV Hiranagar-Bishnah Transmission line is allowed for two days on April 29 and May 01 from 08 am to 06 pm.

During the shutdown period, the power supply to Grid Station Samba, Bari Brahmana-II, Industrial Area Bari Brahmana, Kartholi, Ratnu Chak, Part of Hiranagar, Samba and adjoining areas including industrial areas Samba shall remain affected.

Similarly, to carry out stringing work at span 55/0-57/0 in village Mand, the shutdown of 11 KV-TFD-Macro, 11 KV Falata-Tikri and 33 KV Jhajjar Kotli-Falata line is allowed on May 10 and 11 from 8 am to 6 pm.

During the shutdown period, the power supply to Tikri, Phalata, Rehmbal and MES installations shall remain affected.