Roots in Kashmir condemns news report about Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher's File Photo

Roots in Kashmir the frontline organization of Kashmiri Pandits condemned the news report about prominent activist and famed actor Anupam Kher published in the DNA newspaper.The news report is malicious in intent and more a hit job than a piece of news.The very fact that no prominent Kashmiri Pandit leader or organization was contacted but a few fringe elements who have absolutely no say or have done no community work have been quoted in this supposed news report proves that it was a fake news report.
Anupam Kher has been active about the Kashmiri Pandit cause since 1st Kashmiri Pandit World Conference in 1993.He has been to refugee camps numerous times and has actively spoken and highlighted the cause of exodus,exile and injustice meted out to Kashmiri Pandits.

It seems the separatists and other anti national forces are terribly unnerved by the issue of KPs gaining prominence and are thus using their proxies to pull down the most visible face of Kashmiri Pandits.By terming two individuals (who incidentally most in the KP community don’t even recognize) as organizations representing KPs goes on to show that the supposed story has been done at someone’s behest.The newspaper  report was so opinionated that it even doesn’t bother about the very fact that Mr.Kher is being recommended to Rajya Sabha as an actor and not because he is a Kashmiri Pandit.

We do hope that the newspaper which published the farce publishes this note on the same page so that the world knows that KPs not only support but love Anupam Kher.