Rs 40 Lakh assistance for Project “Rahat” in Udhampur

Dr Jitendra Singh

Union Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh has released Rs 40 Lakhs under MPLADS in favour of District Development Commissioner, Udhampur, as gap funding of bridges being constructed under Project Rahat, a project launched by district administration for construction of 114 bridges with convergence of funds from various schemes. This gap funding will enable construction of 29 bridges in district at a cost of Rs 2.85 Cr.

          The bridges provided gap funding under MPLADS are located in Panchayats Bain, Matlowa-B, Serballa, Mani, Prowa Jagir, Dhansal, Chapper, Sira, Bhattal, Lalli, Upper Meer, Ossu, Tirshi, Garnal, Rathian West, Garnai, Rang, Patta, Sansoo and Nelli nallah. These panchayats are located in Ghordi, Chenani, Parlidhar, Panchari, Latti-Marothi, Udhampur, Jaganoo, Majalti, Moungri and Sewna CD Blocks.

          Project Rahat was launched by District administration in October 2015 for construction of 110 foot bridges, later enhanced to 114, in remote areas for connecting around 200 odd schools and equal number of hamlets which remain disconnected during seasonal flooding of Nullahs. The project was initially started with MGNREGA and gap funding received under MPLADS, CDF, DIF, UG, Special Central Assistance, CSR, District Plan and State Plan apart from pooling of available community resources. It is a unique project planned and implemented through village panchayats in consultation with local stakeholders.

          Dr Jitendra Singh during his visit to Udhampur in December 2015, while appreciating the initiative of Project Rahat as a boon to rural masses especially students, had committed a gap funding of Rs 25 Lakhs for 15 bridges however the aid was increased to Rs 40 Lakhs for assisting construction of 29 bridges in view of serious demands in extremely remote areas. He appreciated the District Development Commissioner and his project team for coming up with this noble project and implementing it in a record time which will help enhancing the levels of education in hilly areas and also provide security and safety of life to inhabitants of these hamlets.