Some persons close to mufti are trying to sideline me/ alleges Muzaffer beigh

PDP , MP Muzaffer Hussein Beigh has alleged that some people are doing false propaganda against him to create a wedge between him an Mufti Mohd sayeed . Addressing a fucntion at Srinagar, PDP Lok sabha member said that some Govt agencies are keeping a close eye on his political activities on the behest of these people.” Who is here from the Govt , there are people from CID to stop you so that the news doesn’t spread that thousands of parents had gathered here listen Beigh. I know Mufti sahab is a nice person but these “chamchas ” keep on saying that Muzaffer Hussein Beigh is doing this, he’s that to earn their bread and butter “he said. “since Mufti sahab has to run a state he should keep such people at bay” Beigh added.