Rahul targets Modi Govt/ says NDA responsible for plight of farmers

After his arrival in Kashmir valley, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi straightway drove to Pampore to interact with the saffron growers. Interacting with the growers, Rahul Gandhi targeted Both Union and the state Govt. In his address he alleged that the Both these Govt have been responsible for the plight of Farmers all over the country “The NDA govt at the center hasnt done any good for the farmers of the country while as Congress led UPA govt had taken several steps for the welfare of farmers of the country” He said. referring to saffron Rahul said that UPA Got had devised saffron Mission to improve the economic condition of the saffron growers,” The saffron mission was aimed to increase the production of saffron which otherwise was affected drought” He said. Later on Rahul Gandhi went to Sopore town where he addressed a workers rally. Addressing the workers Rahul Gandhi targeted the state Govt by saying that it hasn’t took any initiative to start developmental projects since its inception’ The present govt is inaugurating the projects which have initiated by the previous Govt”S of the state of which congress was a part’ Rahul said. Congress vice president interacted a number of delegations from various walks of life at Srinagar this evening.