“REEM”, The first Indo-Saudi venture in Bollywood

Information about Film REEM

 REEM  (The first Indo-Saudi venture in Bollywood)

Saudi Writer/director: Sameera Aziz 

Sana Solkar Production

Story of film REEM:

This story is based on the issues and effects of cross-cultural marriage.  This is a story of a Saudi girl, Reem; whose mother is an Indian woman.  After getting the divorce from Reem’s Saudi father, she returned to Mumbai, India – leaving her 8-month-old daughter Reem with her Saudi father and Saudi step mother in Jeddah. Reem has been living a happy life with her agnate siblings. In fact, one of her younger brothers is her good friend and she shares every secret with him. He supports the right of Reem to make her own choices.

One day, after her graduation, it coincidently revealed to Reem that her real mother was an Indian woman. Reem gets surprised and mystified. Now she wants to know her genuine identity.  She becomes curious to know about her real mother. Postponing her marriage, Reem goes to India. She then starts searching her actual mother there with the help of the bare minimum information she has gathered in Jeddah.


Will she find her mother? How? What kind of struggle she will do in India to reach to her mother? She has a maternal sister as well in India which is the 2nd lead heroine in the film. She will also find her ‘Mr. Right’ in India but she returns to Jeddah just to obey her father’s order.

Now in this situation, Reem’s marriage with her love will be possible?

You will see it in the film.


The twist and turns in the film makes it an interesting entertaining family drama with the exposure of modern days developed Saudi culture and tourism. The lively Indian youth and their adventures will add the spice in the film. There are fighting scenes, melodious songs and humor in the film to entertain the audience.


  • Reem will have a decent stay in Mumbai.  The character of Reem will be presented as a ‘Mohajjaba” (head-covered) Saudi girl with glamour and style. This Arab look will be new attractive in Bollywood. She is very beautiful, humble, confident and educated girl.  She will be wearing the trousers and long shirts, same as our modern Saudi-Arabian girls usually do when they travel abroad. Her expensive Saudi-Arabian costume will be the unique thing for audience.


  • The other heroine, an Indian sister of Reem, belongs to a modern generation of Mumbai.  She is a glamorous singer, and she is a member of a band group ‘HEARTBEATS’. There will be another hero in the film who is a ‘HEARTBEATS’ member as well.


  • The heroes of the film are the rock star in a rock band called ‘HEARTBEATS’.



This is a family drama and an entertaining film with the melodious and lyrical music – which is a soul of Bollywood films. Hindi Film Reem will be dubbed in Arabic and English languages and it will be released worldwide. The script and storyline are very powerful and communicative.



Promoting Saudi Tourism:

Some 65% shooting of this film will be done in Jeddah as per as the storyline.  I will take a good advantage to present the beautiful and positive things, happening and amazing locations of my city of lights ‘Jeddah’. My Jeddah is full with landmark locations, historical places and best infrastructure.


My goal and reason to write and direct this film:

Film is an animation of person’s imagination. The ‘writer’ can powerfully convey his ideas to his viewers by directing his film. For developing the better understanding, we should interact with the world and reach to the people by communicating with them in their language.  Therefore, with the mission of peace and love, and to present myself as a bridge between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world, I aimed to enter in the Bollywood industry with a new, decent and powerful story.

My target is to present a modern and educated Saudi youth to show the world that – we, the new generation of Saudis, are not harsh and ignorant. We are not among those people who have spread the hatred by their terrorism acts. We are not abusers; we do love others; we do care others…. Our young Saudi generation is decent, confident, humble and highly educated. They have a sense to be socialized and to protect their values and identity at the same time. Each object in the camera frame and dialogue in the script will ultimately give some positive message to the viewers about Saudis. Lots of brains storming and communication technique is being used for this purpose. Being an experienced writer/novelist, I am confident for my job.

I have studied and learnt film making from the Hollywood directors and I have already assisted many directors of Saudi movies and plays such as Lamar and Hayath to name a few. I am into Journalism since 15-yrs and I know very well how to present the scenarios according to a Saudi policy. I have been presenting the news in an agreeable way. I know a Saudi way, and I have become enough confident about my professional expertise of ‘mind-building’ ability being a trained Saudi Journalist. My 15-yrs experience in practical journalism will be a back-bone in this film. I will strategically, usefully and wisely present the Saudi characters as a director and writer. I am a first Saudi novelist in Saudi Arabia in Urdu language.


Saudi woman at focus:

People want to know about the Saudi woman.  Their curiosity will be useful for this film. Saudi women are always being portrayed as a victim of social norms. Let the world know that our heroine ‘Reem’ – a Saudi woman of today – gets the liberty to find her identity. Let the world know about the real life style of today’s Saudi women.


New factors:

  • Bollywood has explored Dubai, Egypt as well as many other Arab countries. It is only Saudi Arabia, which is not being explored yet.
  • It’s first time that Saudi actors are acting in a Bollywood movie and they will deliver the dialogues in ‘Hindi’ without dubbing.
  • After 9/11 arena, Saudi-Arabian women get lots of attention of the world. Whatever the Saudi-Arabian women do; it becomes the talk of the town.
  • Being a Saudi lady journalist, radio presenter and film maker, I too have been getting lots of attention. I am sure that people will like to see that what I am going to present them in an entertaining film.

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Sana Solkar Production:

Sana Solkar Production is the first ‘Saudi Production House’ in Bollywood owned by Sameera Aziz in Mumbai with the partnership of Mr. Aslam Solkar (an Indian producer). The creative team of this production house is very experienced, qualified, hardworking and professional from Bollywood film industry.


Cast from Saudi Arabia: Hamza Eskander (Saudi model and host of Coke studio), Muhammad Bakhsh (Saudi veteran and famous actor), Nosheen Waseem (Saudi debutant actress), Abdul Majeed(Saudi model and actor), Salem Bawazeer (Saudi actor) 


Cast from Bollywood: under process

Expected heroine for the main role: Wiam Dahmani (Moroccan actress from UAE)


Music director: Toshi-Sharib, Aslam Keyi

Singers: KK (and others)


Background music: Sanjoy Chowdhary



Basically there will be 6 songs in film. 1) A Woman anthem 2) A Youth anthem 3) A semi-Sufi song 4) A Ghazal 5) An Arab song for the Belly dance item number 6) A happy ending song.